Disco 80 Radio broadcasting live from Russia

Welcome to the Russia radio channels. You have choosen to listen to Disco 80 Radio on 90.3 FM. You may also be interested in other Russia stations from the list below . Radio is very pleasant and the easiest way to be in touch with the latest news, sport and entertainment. Since you might be abroad, you will find our site very useful to be connected with the latest events back at home.

Listen to Disco 80 Radio Live from Russia

Please allow 30-60 seconds for the radio station to load

Other radio stations from Russia

Alla RadioBand-Frequency: 98.8 FM Russia
Anima AmorisBand-Frequency: 94.5 FM Russia
Apeks RadioBand-Frequency: 100.5 FM Russia
ASBand-Frequency: 106.0 FM Russia
Auto Radio Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 102.7 FM Russia
Auto Radio Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 107.0 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 799.4 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 102.5 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 102.3 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 88.4 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 102.1 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 88.7 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 88.3 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 103.1 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 105.4 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 107.1 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 103.4 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 90.3 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 106.5 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 697.4 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 103.0 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 105.5 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 106.1 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 105.6 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 105.3 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 102.0 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 810 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 106.8 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 103.9 FM Russia
Avto RadioBand-Frequency: 96.0 FM Russia
Bas RadioBand-Frequency: 98.5 FM Russia
BusinessBand-Frequency: 107.4 FM Russia
BusinessBand-Frequency: 87.5 FM Russia
CityBand-Frequency: 87.9 FM Russia
D DinamitBand-Frequency: 101.2 FM Russia
Deti FMBand-Frequency: 96.8 FM Russia
DipolBand-Frequency: 105.6 FM Russia
Disco 80 RadioBand-Frequency: 90.3 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 99.4 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 87.5 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 103.5 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 98.1 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 106.3 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 103.6 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 103.8 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 100.0 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 107.7 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 106.1 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 107.6 FM Russia
Dorojnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 104.3 FM Russia
Drugoe RadioBand-Frequency: 88.1 FM Russia
Echo MoskvyBand-Frequency: 69.5 FM Russia
Echo MoskvyBand-Frequency: 105.8 FM Russia
Echo MoskvyBand-Frequency: 91.2 FM Russia
Echo MoskvyBand-Frequency: 100.7 FM Russia
Echo MoskvyBand-Frequency: 91.4 FM Russia
Echo Of MoscowBand-Frequency: 1206 FM Russia
EldoradioBand-Frequency: 101.4 FM Russia
Europa PlusBand-Frequency: 104.7 FM Russia
Europa PlusBand-Frequency: 104.9 FM Russia
Europa PlusBand-Frequency: 104.3 FM Russia
Europa Plus KemerovoBand-Frequency: 102.8 FM Russia
Europa Plus NovgorodBand-Frequency: 103.9 FM Russia
Europa Plus SamaraBand-Frequency: 99.9 FM Russia
Europa Plus St PetersburgBand-Frequency: 100.5 FM Russia
Fresh RadioBand-Frequency: 98.4 FM Russia
GarageBand-Frequency: 106.2 FM Russia
GorodBand-Frequency: 107.6 FM Russia
Govorit Moskva Moscow Voice RadioBand-Frequency: 92.0 FM Russia
Grad PetrovBand-Frequency: 1323 FM Russia
HitBand-Frequency: 107.4 FM Russia
HumorBand-Frequency: 88.7 FM Russia
IntervolnaBand-Frequency: 102.9 FM Russia
Karelian Radio GTRK KareliyaBand-Frequency: 765 FM Russia
KinoBand-Frequency: 98.0 FM Russia
L RadioBand-Frequency: 104.9 FM Russia
Love Music RadioBand-Frequency: 101.8 FM Russia
Love RadioBand-Frequency: 106.6 FM Russia
M RadioBand-Frequency: 103.3 FM Russia
M RadioBand-Frequency: 96.4 FM Russia
MC RadioBand-Frequency: 107.2 FM Russia
Melodia Kaliningrad Radio MelodiaBand-Frequency: 106.4 FM Russia
Melodia Retro KanalBand-Frequency: 91.1 FM Russia
Militia WaveBand-Frequency: 107.8 FM Russia
Most RadioBand-Frequency: 102.8 FM Russia
Narodnoe RadioBand-Frequency: 612 FM Russia
New Life RadioBand-Frequency: 103.0 FM Russia
New WaveBand-Frequency: 102.0 FM Russia
Nostalgie PermBand-Frequency: 101.5 FM Russia
OKABand-Frequency: 107.2 FM Russia
ORRBand-Frequency: 101.9 FM Russia
PowerBand-Frequency: 104.5 FM Russia
PulsBand-Frequency: 103.3 FM Russia
Radio 107Band-Frequency: 107.7 FM Russia
Radio 3Band-Frequency: 104.5 FM Russia
Radio 7Band-Frequency: 104.7 FM Russia
Radio 7 StavropolBand-Frequency: 100.7 FM Russia
Radio AugustBand-Frequency: 706.4 FM Russia
Radio AugustBand-Frequency: 102.3 FM Russia
Radio AvtosBand-Frequency: 101.4 FM Russia
Radio Baltic PlusBand-Frequency: 105.2 FM Russia
Radio ChansonBand-Frequency: 103.0 FM Russia
Radio ChansonBand-Frequency: 105.9 FM Russia
Radio Chechnya FreeBand-Frequency: 594 FM Russia
Radio DachaBand-Frequency: 92.4 FM Russia
Radio Dobrye Peste Good SongsBand-Frequency: 94.4 FM Russia
Radio Echo RostovaBand-Frequency: 100.7 FM Russia
Radio EnergyBand-Frequency: 104.2 FM Russia
Radio GadarikaBand-Frequency: 101.7 FM Russia
Radio Golos AngaryBand-Frequency: 103.5 FM Russia
Radio GroznenskoeBand-Frequency: 105.4 FM Russia
Radio HitBand-Frequency: 90.6 FM Russia
Radio JazzBand-Frequency: 89.1 FM Russia
Radio KarnavalBand-Frequency: 92.8 FM Russia
Radio Komsomolskaya PravdaBand-Frequency: 97.2 FM Russia
Radio Krasnaya ArmiyaBand-Frequency: 104.6 FM Russia
Radio KulturaBand-Frequency: 91.6 FM Russia
Radio KurayBand-Frequency: 739.7 FM Russia
Radio KursBand-Frequency: 103.7 FM Russia
Radio LemmaBand-Frequency: 102.7 FM Russia
Radio MariyaBand-Frequency: 1053 FM Russia
Radio Maximum Band-Frequency: 0 FM Russia
Radio MaximumBand-Frequency: 103.7 FM Russia
Radio MayakBand-Frequency: 103.4 FM Russia
Radio MetroBand-Frequency: 102.4 FM Russia
Radio Monte CarloBand-Frequency: 105.9 FM Russia
Radio Monte CarloBand-Frequency: 102.1 FM Russia
Radio Moya UdmurtiyaBand-Frequency: 100.1 FM Russia
Radio NasheBand-Frequency: 101.7 FM Russia
Radio NextBand-Frequency: 105.2 FM Russia
Radio NoyabrskBand-Frequency: 103.0 FM Russia
Radio ObrazBand-Frequency: 685.7 FM Russia
Radio OKBand-Frequency: 107.2 FM Russia
Radio OntBand-Frequency: 101.7 FM Russia
Radio OrpheusBand-Frequency: 99.2 FM Russia
Radio PilotBand-Frequency: 105.0 FM Russia
Radio Pilot TverBand-Frequency: 102.7 FM Russia
Radio PodmoskoviaBand-Frequency: 664.4 FM Russia
Radio PopsaBand-Frequency: 102.5 FM Russia
Radio RandevuBand-Frequency: 103.4 FM Russia
Radio RecordBand-Frequency: 106.3 FM Russia
Radio RossiiBand-Frequency: 664.4 FM Russia
Radio Shanson Radio ChansonBand-Frequency: 104.6 FM Russia
Radio Shanson Radio ChansonBand-Frequency: 103.3 FM Russia
Radio Shanson Radio ChansonBand-Frequency: 104.4 FM Russia
Radio Shanson Radio ChansonBand-Frequency: 105.6 FM Russia
Radio SibirBand-Frequency: 104.6 FM Russia
Radio Silver RainBand-Frequency: 100.1 FM Russia
Radio SKBand-Frequency: 90.2 FM Russia
Radio SlovoBand-Frequency: 1111 FM Russia
Radio SofiaBand-Frequency: 1116 FM Russia
Radio Station 2000Band-Frequency: 106.8 FM Russia
Radio Svoboda RFERL 4 RussianBand-Frequency: 1044 FM Russia
Radio Svoboda RFERL 4 RussianBand-Frequency: 1044 FM Russia
Radio TransmitBand-Frequency: 104.4 FM Russia
Radio UgraBand-Frequency: 106.6 FM Russia
Radio UltraBand-Frequency: 701.9 FM Russia
Radio UnitonBand-Frequency: 100.7 FM Russia
Radio UnostBand-Frequency: 94.0 FM Russia
Radio VanyaBand-Frequency: 686.6 FM Russia
Radio VBCBand-Frequency: 612 FM Russia
Radio VedoBand-Frequency: 100.0 FM Russia
Radio VoskreseniyeBand-Frequency: 701.3 FM Russia
Radio Web KorolevBand-Frequency: 0 FM Russia
Radio Za OblakamiBand-Frequency: 101.5 FM Russia
Radio ZenitBand-Frequency: 89.7 FM Russia
Radio ZenitBand-Frequency: 89.7 FM Russia
Radio ZvezdaBand-Frequency: 95.6 FM Russia
Radiogazety WordBand-Frequency: 828 FM Russia
RelaxBand-Frequency: 90.8 FM Russia
RetroBand-Frequency: 88.3 FM Russia
Rocks RadioBand-Frequency: 102.0 FM Russia
RSN RadioBand-Frequency: 107.0 FM Russia
RTR VestiBand-Frequency: 97.6 FM Russia
Russian Sky RadioBand-Frequency: 0 FM Russia
Russkaya VolnaBand-Frequency: 100.8 FM Russia
Samara MaximumBand-Frequency: 104.3 FM Russia
SportBand-Frequency: 93.2 FM Russia
SputnikBand-Frequency: 107.0 FM Russia
SputnikBand-Frequency: 100.2 FM Russia
Voice of RussiaBand-Frequency: 612 FM Russia
VoyageBand-Frequency: 96.0 FM Russia
XBand-Frequency: 96.4 FM Russia
Yevropa Plyus Europa PlusBand-Frequency: 106.2 FM Russia
YuldashBand-Frequency: 689.9 FM Russia
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